Recording new songs

Slowly but surely we’re getting the new songs recorded, hampered only by my insistence on changing everything at the last minute, including but not limited to; lyrics,  timing, instrumentation and entire structure.  However the results we’re getting are pretty good, all modesty aside ;o)

I’m getting to grips with Presonus Studio One - the free edition is surprisingly great and I’m now a convert to laptop recording and wishing I’d done so years ago.

The pan is to release 3 eps to download asap, then an album (CD and perhaps even Vinyl if there’s any demand) made up of the EPs and 4 extra bonus tracks later in the year.  There again given my current indecisiveness, this could all change!


Who’s to blame for lack of “brave, experimental” music?

Music Week have highlighted the old perennial argument again ( : According to Island records’ Jon Turner there aren’t enough great bands out there.  Lily Allen points the finger at labels.

Personally I blame the general public. Yes, that means you and me.  There are so many unbelievably great unheralded songs you’ve never heard on the internet – but most of won’t spend time finding it.  We end up relying on gatekeepers; either music press, radio or of course labels to tell us what’s out there rather than trying it ourselves.

The problem with that is that those gatekeepers all have their own agenda, usually making profit (even a lot of blogs); and they believe (with some justification) that the majority of people aren’t that interested in music apart from as background noise.  Brave and Experimental don’t fit that description.  Lily’s argument (extrapolated and summarised) is that people would listen to whatever they’re given, so if Radio 1 and 2 playlisted Zappa / Seftel / HotHeadShow regularly eventually it would change people’s taste.  Jon believes people are inherently conservative in their taste – the vanilla ice-cream and Magnolia paint argument.

Of course the alternative  is time consuming and frustrating – sift through lots of bandcamp and soundcloud pages on the offchance of finding something great.  Which is why we can only blame ourselves when we’re spoonfed bland bands and tunes.


Send me some music!

As you may have noticed, alongside the writing, performing and recording songs, I also write a music blog called Honey&Bile.  I’ve discovered lots of excellent songs by doing this – there are so many amazing songwriters and musicians out there that struggle to get noticed.

Anyway, I’m always looking out for new  & under-the-radar bands to listen to and possibly review, so if you can send me links to songs by bands you love (or are in), you’d make my day…

Either email, tweet or Facebook them to me or stick them in the comments box below.  Ta!

Free download codes!

Christmas is looming like a great big credit card bill on the horizon.  Only a month away now folks!

However to amplify the Christmas cheer you can now give the gift of Captain Wilberforce this year: I have 150 free download codes for “Ghost Written Confessions” available from today that you can send to friends / family (limited to 5 per person) as a little bonus pressie.  Of course the bonus for me is that a few more people might get to listen to my songs.

This is a first come first served offer, so contact me by email (see contact section).  I’ll get back to you with the code(s) - Copy and paste the details into a festive E-Card or email and they’ll be able to download it in  MP3 (other formats available) from  Simples.

The codes don’t have a use by date, or any catch-you-out clauses; the downloadee can enter an email address if they like, but it’s not mandatory.

Ready, steady, go!