Help Dorothea set sail!

Avant Garde-Pop producer / Svengali / Captain Wilberforce collaborator and all round good egg David Lawrie has a new album on the cusp of release – I’ve heard it and it’s very, very good.  Don’t just take my word for it:

Why am I telling you this, apart from sheer excitement?  Well, seems he’s running a Kickstarter project to fund the release of the album (or buy a lifetime’s supply of sherbet fountains – I’m not quite clear on this).  He needs your support.

“Where do I sign up?”, I hear you ask.

Here I reply.  You can thank me later.

Messing with Sondre Lerche…

Sondre Lerche is my favourite Norwegian Pop Star – yes, even with all that competition.   So when he put the stems of his new single Bad Law up on Soundcloud for anyone to remix, I thought, why not? It’s not like I’ve got anything on at the moment, like a new EP release to manage, videos to create, new Ep to record, day job, football coaching, family….

Anyway, I wasn’t the chosen one, but here’s my remix.  You can hear the original mix below:

Distance EP released in October

album coverSo finally, the Distance EP will be available to download on Oct 20th 2014 from Bandcamp.

Yes, it’s taken an eternity, mainly due to my determination to get to grips with the recording process and some major arrangement changes, but it’s now been mastered and sent out to reviewers / radio etc. with some nifty artwork from

The track listing is:

Someone To Love

Good Times, You Said,

The Johnny Depp Memorial Cafe

You Can’t Have Me

Those of you who’ve seen us play live over the last year will have heard three of these tunes, but recorded (as usual) there’s a lot more going on – Johnny Depp in particular has evolved a lot from initial live versions!

More info to follow over the next couple of weeks, including; videos for all four songs, some live dates to promote the release and details of my foray into online busking.

Website refresh – video, T-shirts and more…

Now with added video playlist  and merchandise

Click on the merch link and not only do you get to check out a range of Captain Wilberforce T-shirts, bags etc. but you also get a sneaky preview of the artwork for the new ‘Distance’ EP designed by the always fantastic Owen at

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for the release date of Distance and the videos I’ve spent the last few weeks creating!



Death of the Album?

Interesting article here on Radio 1 controller’s assertion that the album is officially dead and playlists are king.  My view is that many pop artists have released sub-par albums for years so this may well affect them, but those bands who don’t just aim to write 2 “hits” and 9 filler tracks will continue to connect with an audience who like a bit more depth.

Still, there’s a seismic shift in how music is being accessed, without doubt!