See you in Liverpool?

It probably won’t look like this…

Just a quick reminder about the International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool on Wednesday evening.  I’m going to be doing a couple of acoustic sets; the first at the Cavern Pub at 6:45pm and the second at the Cavern Club at 8:45pm.  Looking forward to seeing lots of great bands too including The Housekeeping Society from Leeds.

Hopefully should be playing two different sets, including a specially chosen cover or two and material from the upcoming new EP / Album.

The full week’s schedule for IPO (starting tonight) is at

IPO festival date

After a year off in 2013 I’m going to be playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival again in a few weeks.

For those of you who don’t know of it, it’s a music festival at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and hordes of Beatles / Who / Costello / XTC influenced bands travel from across Europe to play.

This year I’m doing two acoustic sets on Wed 14th May – hopefully both different and both spanning my whole back catalogue and some as yet unreleased tunes.  I’m even planning a couple of venue related covers…

So if you’re in the area, come along and introduce yourself!



Recording new songs

Slowly but surely we’re getting the new songs recorded, hampered only by my insistence on changing everything at the last minute, including but not limited to; lyrics,  timing, instrumentation and entire structure.  However the results we’re getting are pretty good, all modesty aside ;o)

I’m getting to grips with Presonus Studio One - the free edition is surprisingly great and I’m now a convert to laptop recording and wishing I’d done so years ago.

The pan is to release 3 eps to download asap, then an album (CD and perhaps even Vinyl if there’s any demand) made up of the EPs and 4 extra bonus tracks later in the year.  There again given my current indecisiveness, this could all change!