Website refresh – video, T-shirts and more…

Now with added video playlist  and merchandise

Click on the merch link and not only do you get to check out a range of Captain Wilberforce T-shirts, bags etc. but you also get a sneaky preview of the artwork for the new ‘Distance’ EP designed by the always fantastic Owen at

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for the release date of Distance and the videos I’ve spent the last few weeks creating!



Death of the Album?

Interesting article here on Radio 1 controller’s assertion that the album is officially dead and playlists are king.  My view is that many pop artists have released sub-par albums for years so this may well affect them, but those bands who don’t just aim to write 2 “hits” and 9 filler tracks will continue to connect with an audience who like a bit more depth.

Still, there’s a seismic shift in how music is being accessed, without doubt!

Aardman animators watch your backs

Sean the Sheep (Aardman Animations)

Well I’ve had a productive weekend – just finished a (very basic) stop motion video for one of the songs on the new E.P.  Feeling very pleased with myself, although no-one else apart from family have seen it yet, and they’re biased, so it could be terrible.  But it isn’t.  You’ll be able to see it on the release in a few weeks.  Exciting isn’t it?

Why I still don’t like Spotify (part 82)

Go Thom.

Unconference was great back in May – I enjoyed myself immensely apart from a minor blip when I was put soundly in my place for having challenged one of the speakers, Jen Long ( Label boss and Formerly Radio 1 DJ) that Spotify wasn’t all happiness and roses for artists as she’d made out. Jen was saying that the rate paid by Spotify was reasonable as it equated (per listener streaming at .001p) to a £40 payment for a play on BBC Radio 1 or 2.

Well, I said, whilst it gives you a platform, you’re a tiny needle in an otherwise huge haystack of music: you should be paid more per play as people generally seek out bands to listen to on Spotify, therefore you must have already discovered them – unlike radio where passive listeners are introduced to new music via gatekeepers.

Anyway, nice to see an article that kind of backs my thoughts up (tbh, I had a few people come up and agree with my sentiments on the day too!).  Here it is.