Some reviews just in…

Had a few nice reviews already – although everyone’s going on about it taking me 3 years between records:  I’ll put my hands up to that.  And even though I’m the regional rep for a BSL interpreting association, work full time, have a family, coach football at the weekends and write a daily-ish music blog, none of these things have really stopped me getting the songs written and recorded.

The delay getting this EP and the next couple recorded has been that I’m too mean to pay for studio time, and so have been learning the basics of production. With Mike’s talent and support the first EP sounds great, but it took 3 times as long as it should with me slowing things down at every turn.  Hopefully I’ve broken the back of the learning curve now!

Anyway, back to those reviews…

Plus One Magazine

And here’s the review from Vibrations:


Today’s the Day…

… that the Distance Ep is officially released!  It’s available free (or pay what you like) from:



You can also download my all 3 of my albums for the massively discounted price of £5 at Bandcamp

Watch the 4 videos for the Ep at the Captain Wilberforce You Tube Channel

Please Like, Comment, Share as widely as possible as it raises the profile of the band and increases the chances of getting more radio play and better gigs.


Radio play so far…


Some stations have been playing songs from the new EP – you can listen again to the shows:

Shock pop –

The Strange Boutique –

Also Warwick Uni Radio – are playing one of the songs on their unsigned programme today at 2pm

And… Uni of Gloucestershire’s Tone Radio are playlisting Someone to Love next week.

All good stuff!

First review of the Distance EP

album cover

From the Noisetrade blog:

“If you dig the melodic, new wave side of alt-rock (with a heavy dash of quirky charm), Captain Wilberforce just might become one of your new favorite bands. Much like Elvis Costello and Randy Newman, Captain Wilberforce pairs cheery, upbeat musicality with darker, acerbic lyrics. While a song title like “The Johnny Depp Memorial Cafe” alerts you to the fact that this isn’t exactly some run-of-the-mill band, you’ll find that the song themselves are so great that there’s no fear of novelty. Distance is the first of three planned EPs that will comprise Captain Wilberforce’s next album, with the second EP set for an early 2015 release.”


You Can’t Have Me

Time for video number 3: levelling with you, probably my fourth favourite video of the four, but I do like the song, especially the insane piano skills of Mr Ric Neale.

Will a jigsaw keep your interest while listening? I don’t know.  Cut me some slack, I’ve got a miniscule budget here!!  If you like it though, tell people.  Comment.  You know the routine…

Early EP release via Noisetrade

Well here’s a turn-up for the books – I was planning on a 20th Oct release for the Distance EP via Bandcamp but Noisetrade (I’m very happy to report) have jumped the gun and picked the EP out to promote on the front page of their site.

This is a pretty big deal as Noisetrade have hundreds of thousands of music fans visiting every week: I’ve discovered tonnes of great bands on the site that I’ve reviewed on my Honey&Bile music blog.

Anyway, the EP is now available to download, so go ahead!  You can donate if you like; imagine I’m busking, you happen to hear me as you go past – will you chuck me a coin or two?  But you don’t have to! Totally up to you ;o)