Album progress

David is now half way through mixing the 10 songs on Ghost Written Confessions.  Yes, I know that I originally wanted a 12 song LP, but I also want the songs to sit right and sound like they belong together and unfortunately a couple of songs didn’t fit the criteria.  I’ll probably give at least one of those songs away to people who buy the album anyway, but more on that later.  The track listing isn’t ready yet, but the songs that will be on the album are

“Beautiful Waste of Time”

“Baby Girl”

“Get Hurt”

“Los Angeles”

“The Day Your Mouth Stood Still”

“This Little Miracle”

“In Hell”

“Your Imaginary Friends”

“She’s My Kryptonite”

“Me and Your Mother (Before You Were Born)”

I’m looking into how best to sell CDs online.  Previously I sold them via my website, but it was a pain to set up, so anyone who knows of a painless way, email me!  I’ll only be pressing up about 300 of the initial run of CDs as nearly all my sales seem to be dowloads nowadays (I remember when it were all fields round here you know!)  Anyhow, you’ll be able to buy from all the usual sites  – iTunes, Napster and the like.

Right, keeping this short and sweet.  More info soon.


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