With the album forefront in my mind at the moment, I’ve been trying to organise all the non-music stuff in time for the CD to be manufactured (hopefully in about 3-4 weeks). For those of you who’ve never tried, let me tell you it’s a complicated process.

Obviously I want the album to get bunches of sparkling reviews from across the globe, but to do this you have to plan around magazine review deadlines; so for a May launch, you’re looking at getting a cd to ‘Uncut’ or ‘Word’ reviewers by late March. This means that Cds have to be with the press company by mid March, which in turn means that the Master Cd has to be sent to the manufacturers in late Feb. So, artwork and photos have to be ready soon – but remember, I’m doing this on a shoestring budget and relying on a lot of goodwill, so cracking the whip doesn’t work (even if I wanted to, and I don’t!). I’ve also got the brain frazzling task of remembering everyone who helped out in the process so they can be thanked – and there’s plenty of them. Check for spelling mistakes – seriously this is from bitter experience! Add a barcode. And there you have it. This is why I recommend getting a brilliant manager, who can earn their 20%.

So, back to photos – Owen Findley‘s taken a whole sd card full and is going to photoshop them to bits in his inimitable style. In the meantime, I’ve played around with a few of the images – let me know what you think…

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