IPO Festival date

If you’re one of the small but loyal band of Captain Wilberforce supporters that has been subsidising my delusions of pop grandeur since 2004, you’ll know that every year I take up the invitation to play the IPO festival in Liverpool (ok, not last year, pedants!). Sometimes with band, sometimes just me and my acoustic. Well this year, on Wednesday 18th May a new live band line up will be appearing for possibly the first time, playing songs from the new album and some older faves (squashed into two 30 minutes sets). The first set is at the Cavern Club on Matthew St at 8pm, the second is across the road from there at the Cavern Pub at 11pm.
The festival itself is always fun, with powerpop bands (basically bands influenced by Beatles, Kinks, Who etc.) from around the world lapping up the chance of playing at the historic scouse venue. The festival runs for a week from the 17th, and of course some of the bands are better than others, but there are generally a couple of gems every night.
It’ll be a chance to get your hands on a copy of the new album – and you’ll probably be one of the first people to do so, as we’re already running a little behind schedule in the album release stakes. This won’t affect the pre-orderers amongst you, but most likely it’ll change the official release date for the magazines…
Keep in touch for more UK dates; and if you’re a millionaire from anywhere else in the world and fancy paying for us to come out and play a gig especially for you, what are you waiting for!!

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