Little victories

It’s all about the little victories.

I accept that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever play Shea Stadium to a crowd so wildly excited that I can’t hear myself sing (is Shea stadium still there any more – probably should google that) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t indulge in some dreaming, musically speaking. When Huey from ‘Fun Lovin Criminals’ introduces one of your songs, (ok, tripping over the name a bit) but giving it daytime national radio play, you’re going to walk round with a dopey grin for a few hours.

Every other song in that playlist had huge record company muscle behind it, with shedloads of cash going to pluggers, press and agents – most of them spent more mastering one track than I have getting the album written, recorded, produced, mastered, manufactured, released and promoted, so excuse me while I just give myself a pat on the back (and a grateful nod to everyone involved who helped!). In the grander picture of the world it was a blip. But it was my blip and here’s to a few more over the next few months.

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