Nostalgia attacks

I’ve got an acoustic gig coming up in Leeds at the the New Conservatory Cafe on Oct 22nd (Thurs). I haven’t done an acoustic show for a while, so I’ve been practising a bunch of tunes, new and old – even a couple of covers. Anyway, I thought about covering an old Theory of Everything tune called Ghost which was written by frontman Ben Richards. His voice is pretty stunning and I had to check whether I’d need to change the key so I listened back to it in the car on the way to work this morning. It was the first time I’d heard it in years and I was suddenly flashbacking; on stage at the Jug of Ale, playing cards and chatting to Carl at the Billiard Room, sitting in a van on the way down to Camden (again), listening to the finished masters of the album on headphones. It’s been nearly 15 years but every memory was so pin-sharp – I was pretty choked up. It’s a brilliant song.

Of course, being the real world, the album hardly got reviewed at the time and I still have a few copies left in the attic. Anyone who wants a copy, or a download version, just get in touch and I’ll post / email you one (until I run out of CDs!). Not sure I’m going to have the guts to cover Ghost, but if you come along and request it at the gig I may just have to…

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