Bravely into the future…

Web presence? Obligatory. Social networking? Naturellement. Twitter this, Linked In that, Facebook the other. And now apps: Apps to find out the nearest Starbucks, the position of Orion, and all about Captain Wilberforce. Maybe it’s overkill (I used to like the fact that Michael Stipe was a mysterious figure who rarely gave interviews – now he probably tweets about his bowel movements) – but there it is, a modern band dilemma. Either make yourself available to people 24/7 through all of the above, or disappear completely off the radar, never to be discovered.
Perhaps my next move should be to change the band name to something even more obscure, have no digital footprint at all and only play gigs rather than release records; I mean, there’s no money in records anyway, right? And then by deliberately playing the luddite card, explaining the philosophy at gigs etc, it might end up being weird enough a concept for people to actually come to gigs? On second thoughts, probably not.
Ah well, follow me on Twitter, download the free app, and like me on Facebook and forget I ever mentioned any of this ;o)

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