Welcome, willkommen, bien venue…

…to everyone who’s stumbled onto this page by luck, typing error or perhaps from having listened to the Dermot O’Leary show. As you’re new here, you’ll have to go through the induction process – learn what’s what and who’s who, etc.

So, to kick off, I’m Simon, your guide to everything Captain Wilberforce related today. We’ll be covering quite a lot in this session, so please try to concentrate and there will be opportunities for questions at the end.

Captain Wilberforce is the band name for Simon Bristoll, singer / songwriter, British Sign Language Interpreter and occasional taekwondo student. Ably assisted by Carl Banks on Drums / Keys / words of wisdom, Dan McGlade on Bass / BVs / sarcasm and a host of local musicians who give their time for free to help get the songs out to lovely people like you.

On your right you’ll see a list of links to various places to hear and purchase Captain Wilberforce songs since 2003. However you can also click HERE to download a seven song sampler from the three Captain Wilberforce albums to date.

We’ve got a few gigs lined up the first of which is next week on Thursday 22nd March at The Chemic Tavern in Hyde Park. If you can make it along, around 8:30, that’d be fantastic – if you can’t we’re playing the the International Pop Overthrow festival (The Cavern Club, Liverpool) on May 17th and the In The Hud festival (Bar, Huddersfield) on June 9th.

You can, should you so wish, like Captain Wilberforce on Facebook or join the mailing list so that I can occasionally send you information about what we’re up to, tell you about free stuff etc.

Right, so that’s the induction over with. Any questions? Good. You are now fully qualified to subscribe to this blog ;o) It’d be great to see you again some time, so y’all come back now y’hear?

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