Free download codes!

Christmas is looming like a great big credit card bill on the horizon.  Only a month away now folks!

However to amplify the Christmas cheer you can now give the gift of Captain Wilberforce this year: I have 150 free download codes for “Ghost Written Confessions” available from today that you can send to friends / family (limited to 5 per person) as a little bonus pressie.  Of course the bonus for me is that a few more people might get to listen to my songs.

This is a first come first served offer, so contact me by email (see contact section).  I’ll get back to you with the code(s) – Copy and paste the details into a festive E-Card or email and they’ll be able to download it in  MP3 (other formats available) from  Simples.

The codes don’t have a use by date, or any catch-you-out clauses; the downloadee can enter an email address if they like, but it’s not mandatory.

Ready, steady, go!

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