Top Ten ways to help me out! Part 1

Times are hard – no-one (apart from Russian billionaires) have any spare cash to spend on “under the radar” alt-pop bands. And they rarely do.
So, how can you help me out on a zero budget?  Let us count the ways* – here are numbers 10 to 6.  (5 to 1 tomorrow – can you stand the suspense?)

10. Post content on Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

You can post the content on Reddit or Stumbleupon and help me receive an uptick in views or plays. Make sure you follow the guidelines of the site though or risk getting banned.

9. Request my music on the radio

I’d suggest BBC 6 Music, especially Tom Robinson’s show (@freshnet) or any of the BBC 6 Music recommends programmes.  Also maybe Radio 2 – Dermot’s (@radioleary) show.

8. Change your Avatar

Show support by changing your Avatar. Changing your Avi is a simple process. All you have to do is find the artwork (Google search), save it and upload it.

7. Post content on message boards  

Post the content on message boards and help spread the word. In order to do this you usually need to register with the site. Leeds Music Forum is a good one.  If this is too much work, try looking for a Facebook group that you can contribute to.

6. Use a Hashtag

Follow me on Twitter @CaptWil and repost my info to your followers.  All you have to do is use the hashtag #distanceep or #captainwilberforce whenever you talk about my music.

Ok, that’s the first 5.  The even more helpful ones are in the Top 5 tomorrow!


* adapted with thanks to Praverb at CDBaby for this article

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