Top Ten ways to help me out! Part 2

So here are some of the best ways to spread the word about my music*.  If you do any / all of these you will have my undying thanks forever.  If you don’t however, you are dead to me^.


5. Review my songs on Amazon / or CD baby

Nice reviews, or absolute slatings work best.

4. Word of Mouth

Remember that your word is valuable. People make decisions based on what their friends and family have to say about a product, service, or — in this case — music. Share the music that you love, (or alternatively my music) with those that are close to you.  If they actually like the songs (you never know) remind them to like the Captain Wilberforce Facebook page or got to my website and join my email list.

3. Promote

Promoting my music is easier than you think. Use my Bandcamp / Youtube page link and share it via your Social Media platforms. Ask people a question about it and you’ll probably get more of a response, for example: “Look at this Captain Wilberforce video – is this the sloppiest low rent vid you’ve ever seen or what?”

2. Like or Share

Like my web content. Share the content. Share, retweet, repost, etc. Get the content in front of people. It costs nothing but widens the number of people who may give it a listen and like it.

1. Leave a comment

Leaving a comment is one of the easiest ways to show support. Take the time out of your busy schedule and leave a comment for your favorite artists, or me. You can leave comments on Facebook, blogs, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.  This is the big one.  Please comment as much as possible – make fun of the songs, criticise, praise, whatever, but comment dammit!!


* adapted with thanks to Praverb at CDBaby for this article

^no, honestly you are.

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