Some reviews just in…

Had a few nice reviews already – although everyone’s going on about it taking me 3 years between records:  I’ll put my hands up to that.  And even though I’m the regional rep for a BSL interpreting association, work full time, have a family, coach football at the weekends and write a daily-ish music blog, none of these things have really stopped me getting the songs written and recorded.

The delay getting this EP and the next couple recorded has been that I’m too mean to pay for studio time, and so have been learning the basics of production. With Mike’s talent and support the first EP sounds great, but it took 3 times as long as it should with me slowing things down at every turn.  Hopefully I’ve broken the back of the learning curve now!

Anyway, back to those reviews…

Plus One Magazine

And here’s the review from Vibrations:


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