Gig updates / Spinal Tap?

With a week to go til the new album is officially released, it’s typical of us that we’ve run into a hiccup.  Carl is currently hospitalised, possibly as a tribute to Spinal Tap, but more likely as he’s waiting for a major operation.

This has obviously had an impact on our gig schedule – we’re going to postpone the Northampton and London shows til later in the year when Carl is back on his feet, however, the Birmingham and Leeds gigs are a bit close to call off and so will be going ahead, albeit more acoustically.

Having done a secret warm up gig in Bradford as an acoustic 3 piece, we know it’s still going to be fun.  The positives are that the audience get to hear the words a bit more and not go home with their ears ringing too much; the negatives are that you don’t get to experience Carl’s amazing drumming skills and we don’t rock half as much.

Anyway, click here for the Facebook events for Birmingham on Sat 25th March at the Actress and Bishop and Leeds on Wed 5th April at The Brudenell Social Club and let us know if you’re coming!

Entry to both gigs comes with a free download of the new album!


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