What’s goin’ on

While we’ve been quiet on the social media front for a bit, we’ve actually been doing things in the real world:

We’ve got two upcoming gigs in Leeds and Manchester to formally announce on

Sunday 12th November at Gullivers, Manchester

– A night of music in aid of Just Talk About It, a charity aimed at supporting young people and enabling them to talk about mental health freely and without judgement. More Info & Tickets (£5.50 advance)

Friday 24th November at the 360 Club (The Library), Leeds

– (£6 on the door.  £4.50 advance by contacting us by email / Facebook)

At both gigs we’ll be headlining at around 10pm.

Also and even more excitingly, we’ve demoed an entire new album’s worth of songs over the last few weeks and will be beginning the proper recordings next month.  Not wanting to get to cocky, but they’re sounding like some of the best things we’ve done and they may even be ready before 2023.


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