And so this is Christmas…

And what have we done?

Quite a bit actually; recently we’ve been recording new songs for a new album that is coming along a bit quicker than the last couple – we’ve got 12 new songs written and demoed. This is mainly due to me finally getting a proper band together with Max on bass guitar, Rob on guitar (and production duties) and Carl playing and programming drums.

Of course this year we also released “Black Sky Thinking” (thanks again to Ray at Kool Kat for the US release!) which had some amazing reviews and has two “Album of the Year” awards from UK music blogs- Ian at Gig Soup and Across the Universal .

Songs from the album were played on stations across the USA, UK and Europe with BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson (Yep, the one who had hits with ‘2,4,6,8 Motorway’ and ‘Glad to be Gay’ saying; “Possibly my favourite record of the entire week; whatever you’re doing , if humanly possible, stop doing it, close your eyes and marvel at Skin by Captain Wilberforce…. It packs an entire album’s worth of ideas into a single 3 minute song without once missing a groove.

We even did a few gigs including The Cavern – Liverpool, Gullivers – Manchester, Actress and Bishop – Birmingham, Factory St – Bradford as well as The Brudenell, The 360 Club and the main stage of the Kirkstall Festival in Leeds.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, bought a t-shirt and downloaded the albums!

Look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

cavern 2


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