Signs of Life

Seedling for seed sprouting

Despite the lack of social media evidence, we’re still very much getting on with things here at Wilberforce towers.  That’s not to say we haven’t had hurdles to, erm, hurdle.

The wonderful Factory St Studios in Bradford, where Rob had had his own mini studio, unfortunately had to close, which was a huge shame for the management and staff and left us without our own little sanctuary just when we’d set it up perfectly!  Luckily we got the bass and drums down for a bunch of new songs before we had to leave.

Also, and even more sadly, there have been some personal circumstances which have really hit us hard.  Even though the situation puts things in perspective, it also hasn’t derailed us completely, and we’re chomping at the bit to get our next album fully recorded so the mixing process can begin.

It won’t be another 5 years til the new album is out  – that’s guaranteed.  And in the meantime, you can still download all our albums on a pay what you feel like basis from Bandcamp.  Please, as always, spread the word about our songs and we’ll deliver a sparkly fresh new batch as soon as we can!


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