Album Launch / Listening Party

So we find ourselves in strange, interesting and frankly scary times.  In the scheme of things another album released by some unknown indie band is a minuscule footnote in the War and Peace of current events – but to us, getting people to hear the songs we’ve worked so hard crafting, learning, recording, mixing, producing and releasing is hugely important.

Hopefully these songs can transport you from the savage reality of 24 hour pandemic updates, if only for the 43 minute run-time, to a less stressful head-space, leaving you humming some new earworms.

Anyway we want as many people to fall in love with these songs as possible and since we can’t head out on the road and bring the music to a venue near you, we hope we can entice you to join us on Facebook at 8pm (BST)* on Sunday 26th April.  We’ll be premiering the full album: streaming each song, with the opportunity to chat to the band, ask questions, and win prizes.

In the meantime you can listen to the opening song, Sad Machine and pre-order the ltd. edition CD here, and if you need a nudge, read this review from Music Interview Magazine.

Thanks for your continued support – we appreciate it now, perhaps more than ever.

* 8pm BST = 3pm EDT = 12 Noon PDT


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