And not before time…

…an update!

So it’s now a year and a half since we released “When the Dust Just Won’t Settle”, and even though we got some great reviews, we never got a chance to go out and play the songs live or even go to the studio. Cheers Covid. Unfortunately the pandemic wasn’t the only reason – we had some line-up changes too. Just before the first lockdown we recruited Dave Naylor on bass, and things were going great until his circumstances changed and he couldn’t carry on (We really appreciate all your time and effort though Dave!)

Then, earlier this year, when the social distancing rules changed and allowed is to get back into the studio to rehearse we managed to find a new bass player, Matt Lewis and a keyboard player Oliver Moor. Since then we’ve been working on getting a set rehearsed so we can hopefully get out and play songs from the new album and some old favourites in the near future. Dates will announced soon.

We’re also working on a new album that will be out next year, acts of god permitting.

However, we’re really excited to be able to announce that we’ve got a new video for “The View From an English Breakfast” which will be released next week. Huge thanks to Sam Johnston, not only for his creative talents and his drive and tenacity to film this within the constricts of the lockdown, but also for his patience in waiting for us to get to a point where we can actually get his project out into the world!

Until next week then!


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